About Taekwondo

What is Taekwondo

Taekwondo literally translates into three separate words in Korean. The first part “Tae” generally means using the “foot” or “leg”. The second part “Kwon” generally means using the “hand” or “arm”. The last part “Do” generally means the “way” or “discipline”.

Through 5000 years of evolution, Taekwondo has developed into what it is today, and still continues to evolve with each passing generation. At the start, it began as a defensive discipline in Korea. Later the teachings were used as a way to educate generation of future leader of the country. The teachings and disciplines eventually became an art that paralleled the art of life. Today, practitioners embrace Taekwondo and find that all aspects of the art enrich their everyday lives.

The answer to the question “What is Taekwondo?” is something that everyone practicing the art realizes as time passes. For everyone, Taekwondo initially starts as a discipline, then progressed into ways, and later becomes an art that uniquely affects each individual.

Philosophy of Taekwondo

There are two aspects of Taekwondo that form the “spirit” of Taekwondo. There is the physical, or the practical; and there is the mental, or the ideological. The physical aspect of Taekwondo promotes the body getting stronger and being healthier. The mental aspect promotes self-confidence and a sense of well-being. With these two aspects, the “spirit” of Taekwondo can be experienced.

Why Learn Taekwondo?

Anyone can learn Taekwondo regardless or age or gender. Taekwondo can improve physical strength, coordination, flexibility, and stamina. Taekwondo can help improve mental focus, self-confidence, awareness, and discipline. Student can progress with friends they make while taking classes, and can also progress at their own pace. Most important of all, those learning Taekwondo can expect to have fun while experiencing what Taekwondo has to offer.

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